Real Estate Investing Courses

Marketing Reference Manual

Marketing For Deals

Marketing is a critical piece of any real estate business. In this course, Than Merrill gives you the strategies and systems to effectively market and generate leads to acquire deals. Than analyzes 17 different methods of advertising that he has applied in his own business. He breaks down the advantages and disadvantages and cost effectiveness of campaigns to create consistent leads and send your real estate profits to the next level.

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Rehabbing Reference Manual

Rehabbing and Maximizing Profits

Making money in rehabbing is about systems, controlling costs and stay on schedule. In the Rehabbing course, Paul Esajian teaches you how to evaluate houses, quickly determine repair costs, save on construction materials and manage contractors, so you will stay within budget and maximize your flipping profits.

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Wholesaling Reference Manual

Wholesaling for Quick Cash

Wholesaling is one of the best strategies for beginning investors. This course dissects the business model used by our own investing company, CT Homes. The methods and strategies within this course were created to easily emulate and dramatically increase your chances of being successful.

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FortuneBuilders Tax Lien

FortuneBuilders Tax Lien & Deed Online Training

Tax liens and tax deeds are enigmas that have given rise to more questions than answers for the majority of today’s real estate investors. As a result, it’s not uncommon for investors to overlook their potential, and completely ignore what has developed into a lucrative niche for many.

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